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Ref - 1119: Pooja of Banaglore, India asks
I need tutor who can help in Quants.

Ref - 1079: dan of new jersey, usa asks
Need a GMAT Tutor for help learning verbal primarily aiming for a 700+ score.

Ref - 1073: Sakshi of BENGALURU, India asks
Personal attention for GMAt prep. I am a working professional in IT industry. Aiming for 700+ and planning to appear for it in July

Ref - 1071: Anchal of Agra, India asks
Need a GMAT tutor who can help me find out my weak points and work towards strengthening them to achieve a target of 700+.Please contact.

Ref - 1068: Kody of , United States asks
I am looking for a tutor that can work with me several hours per week starting as soon as possible to strengthen my Quant score on the GMAT. I am looking for strategy as well as help forming a study plan and identifying areas of weakness. I have taken 3 practice exams already but am 100 points off from where I would like to be ideally. Am motivated and willing to work hard. If you do admissions consulting on the side I am also looking for an admissions consultant.

Ref - 1069: Kody of , United States asks
I am looking for an admissions consultant who is very familiar with admissions to top business schools in Europe. I am specifically looking into MiM programs. Looking to apply next month.

Ref - 1064: Konstantin of Hamburg, Germany asks
I am looking for a GMAT Verbal teacher to help me improve from V35 to V42. Would require 4 hours per week tutoring for about 6 weeks and a study plan. Please reach out with your experience and per hour cost. Thank you!

Ref - 1058: Jacob of , Hong Kong asks
Hello I am looking for help in CR and SC.I require solution and explanations. Require GMAT tutor with very strong Verbal skills. Please share your latest Verbal score when replying.

Ref - 1015: Yushen of Vancouver, Canada asks
Looking for GMAT tutoring to help boost my mark up to 700+. I am currently at 610 - 620 range and need the extra jump to help me get there.

Ref - 1013: sun of chicago, usa asks
looking for a tutor in chicago for all gmat subjects...or online tutor from india

Ref - 1010: Phat of Dallas, United States asks
I'm struggling with GMAT studying in both verbal and math. I need someone who can guide and motivate me is able to tutor me 3-4 hours everyday.

Ref - 1005: Kashish of Chandigarh, India asks
Need tutor to help in verbal. Stuck with v25.

Ref - 1003: Anoud of Manama, Bahrain asks
GMAT TUTOR NEEDED FOR QUANTITATIVE SECTION - BAHRAIN Hello I need to score a 680 on the GMAT and I'm planning to take the test in 2019. Please contact me if you're based in Bahrain.

Ref - 996: Jessica of , asks
I am looking for a GMAT tutor. Chinese tutor only. Thank you.

Ref - 994: Cat of , asks
I need help with GMAT tutor I prefer Chinese tutor. Thanks

Ref - 993: Nisha of Manama, Bahrain asks
Looking for an experienced tutor for my GMAT coaching.

Ref - 976: Marcelina of Chicago, USA asks
Looking for a tutor who can meet me near the Lakeview area of Chicago. Need a veteran tutor who has taken the GMAT many times with above 720 results. I'm looking for someone who knows how the test can be psychologically difficult! I have a 560 score and would like to go to a 710 by July 1 2018.

Ref - 972: Boris of Munich/Mnchen, Germany/Deutschland asks
Looking for a flexible and experienced tutor for intensive in-person or online tutoring. Thank you.

Ref - 971: Sunny of Gujarat, India asks
I have been preparing for GMAT since June 2017 however due to issues could not get into the "mode". My mock scores are 590 and want to improve by 100 points in 2 months.

Ref - 968: Caitlyn of Centennial, United States asks
Searching for a GMAT tutor. Looking to find someone who can teach me the skills for efficient and effective test taking. Looking to take the test Feb 2018. Hoping to score a 650+ (really more like (680+). Data sufficiency is my area of serious weakness but I would be helped by improvements of time management overall of the quant section and verbal. I am better in the verbal section score wise but work too quickly and make silly mistakes where as in the quant section I am taking too much time. Please help!

Ref - 963: Ajay of Muscat, Oman asks
I need a tutor for coaching me in GMAT exams.

Ref - 960: Boris of Munich, Germany asks
Looking for an experienced tutor for intensive in-person tutoring in Munich. Thank you.

Ref - 957: Michael of Boston, MA asks
Hi! I am looking for a GMAT tutor who specializes in tutoring the quant section of the GMAT. Specifically I'm looking for someone who can help me drill through the concepts of each question topic (i.e. overlapping sets rate mixture etc.) so that I can identify and solve the questions at a 700 level. If this is your specialty and you have proven experience helping other students master the quant section of the GMAT please shoot me an email! Thanks!!! Mike

Ref - 956: Michael of New York, United States asks
Looking for a GMAT tutor primarily for quant. Seeking a Q48/Q49 (currently at Q38). Looking to work with someone who has significant experience (and a top score themselves Q49+) and a curriculum to allow me to achieve my goals. Willing to work very hard to achieve my goals and can meet 1-2/week. NY based is preferred but online is perfectly fine by me too.

Ref - 948: Maria of London, United Kingdom asks
Looking for a GMAT tutor to help me achieve a minimum of 650 by november

Ref - 943: Elton of Manama, Bahrain asks
Looking for a great GMAT tutor to help me focus in the quantitative section of the GMAT.

Ref - 939: udaya of dubai, UAE asks
looking for a good online/private tutor separately for quant and verbal. someone who can guide give assignments asses my performance and highlight my weak areas. Only tutors who have taken GMAT and have got above 700.

Ref - 938: Lynda of New York, US asks
Looking for a tutor to help me to improve score from low 600 to 700+ within roughly less than a month.

Ref - 924: shilpa of Bangalore, India asks
need a GMAT verbal tutor. current score is 28. expexting to score 35 atleas

Ref - 922: santhosh of Hyderabad, India asks
I am looking for a personal Good tutor for a GMAT quants in Hyderabad. I am aiming for a score 49 and above in quants.

Ref - 918: Mitali of , Bahrain asks
Hi I am looking for tuitions in both gmat subjects. Please let me know if anybody is available in Bahrain.

Ref - 910: Julia Alejandra of sao paulo, Brasil asks
Need a GMAT tutor for english -grammar. Im from Brazil.

Ref - 907: Abhishek of Gurgaon, India asks
I am forom Gurgaon and looking for a tutor for taking QYuants classes at a reasonable price. P:S I am very weak in Maths

Ref - 906: kajal of New Delhi , India asks
Need a tutor for overall preparations who has himself scored well in gmat.

Ref - 901: S of Paris, France asks
Need a GMAT quant tutor. Already have a score of Q47 need to jump to Q50-51

Ref - 898: Silia of Beirut, Lebanon asks
Gmat tutor for the quantitative section around 10 hours. Please contact me asap.

Ref - 897: Nathan of Washington, United States asks
Quant tutor for GMAT

Ref - 890: NINA of NYC, USA asks
Im looking for an affordable GMat private tutor for either NYC or Jersey City areas (I can meet him/her at their location or vice versa). My challenges are the psychological parts of the test and also GMAt areas like probability permutation coordinate geometry mixtures data sufficiency and critical reasoning. I need someone who is patient and can break down concepts into easy understandable chunks. Most of all I need someone who wants me to succeed. I have only 4 months to take the test and Im hoping for at least a 160 point improvement. pls let me know if you have any helpful information.

Ref - 889: Elisabetta of Modena, Italy asks
GMAT tutor needed. I look for a tutor who score 50 or 51 in quant. I need help in the quant section and I need to improve from quant 32 (where I actually stand) to quant 48 at least. My test day is scheduled for February 28th. Pls contact me if you are interested and think seriously you can help me make that improvement. Nether time nor money to waste.

Ref - 885: Yaniv of Bnaya, Israel asks
Hi I am looking for a GMAT tutoronly for the Quant section I can pay 10-15$ per hourif it's relevant please add me in skype yaniv.zad

Ref - 884: Rahul of Mumbai, India asks
Gmat coaching. Faculty should be 99 percentile and should be located at Mumbai.Also should give assurity of score

Ref - 883: seth of omaha, usa asks
Could you please help me get the advanced quant practice tests? I want to sharpen my math. Thank you.

Ref - 882: Caroline of Chicago, USA asks
I need to raise my quant score from a 37 to a 47 in 6 weeks. My highest practice test was a 41 but I have quant test anxiety and timing issues. I've always been a B+ math student and I know I can do it. I am looking for a tutor to hold me accountable to a schedule help me work on timing and teach me how to attack the different problem types. I'm a hard worker and willing to put in the time -- just need the guidance! I also make some mean chocolate chip cookies for our tutoring sessions :) Thank you!

Ref - 881: Kaitlyn of NEW YORK, United States asks
GMAT tutor needed; need extensive help once a week in person before my exam on August 1. Need to improve 100 points on my next exam. Must have extensive tutoring experience and teaching abilities not a great standardized test taker

Ref - 880: Deepak of Bangalore, India asks
I need a gmat tutor who could do a skype /webex for 3 days in a week for 1 month to improve my GMAT score . I need someone who could prepare a plan and asses my performance thoroughly .

Ref - 879: Vaisakh of Muscat, Oman asks
Gmat tutor

Ref - 878: Melanie of Berlin, Germany asks
Hello I urgently need an ONLINE GMAT tutor who scored in the 95th percentile

Ref - 876: Devik of Pune, India asks
I want a GMAT tutor for CR. Please contact me ASAP.

Ref - 875: Devika of Pune, India asks
I need a GMAT tutor to help and guide me in rectifying my errors. Need urgently!!

Ref - 874: Chintan S. of Muscat, Oman asks
I need personal tutor for obtaining good marks in GMAT. Want to appear in March 2015. serious requirement.

Ref - 873: preeti of pune, India asks
Need a GMAT tutor who can help me find out my weak points and work towards strengthening them to achieve a target of 700+.Please contact.

Ref - 865: Sherry of Los Angeles, United States asks
Hello! Going to be taking the GMAT on March 21st and is in need of help with the Quant section! I have taken the MGMAT course and just need help with the Quant section. Please message me if you are interested and is able to help! THanks!

Ref - 864: Sakshi of Delhi, India asks
I need a GMAT Tutor for Quant who has score 51 on Quant. I have to take the exam by April.

Ref - 862: Rhythm of pune, india asks
Looking for a private tutor for GMAT in Pune.Tutors who have appeared for the exam themselves and have scored at least 700/800 are preferred. Expected to start May 2015. Minimum 6-7 hours sessions a week.Please do send a mail to the following email address with your details.

Ref - 861: Freddy of Japan, Japan asks
Looking for online tutor. Require a score of 550 minimum. Have basic math skills. Looking for professional teacher with good online methods of teaching.

Ref - 858: kapil of west. delhi, india asks
I want to select for gmat

Ref - 857: Amulya of Hyderabad, India asks
I need some serious help with verbal not even able to cross 23-25 and so looking for a personal tutor who cna help me with verbal in less than 2 months


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