GMAT Prep Companies


Many Test Prep companies offer classes, in groups of as many as twelve students. These classes are normally quite expensive- in the London market, you'll spend about 1000 (2000 USD) for between 20 and 35 hours of class time. With a good teacher, a class can be valuable- you should get a good overview of what you need to know for the GMAT, a generous teacher may set aside time to answer your questions, and you will also meet other GMAT test-takers, in a similar position to yours, who may be able to help with your GMAT review and other aspects of the MBA application process. With a bad teacher, however, a class can be a complete waste of time and money. We've heard about classes where the teacher merely reads from a Test Prep book and doesn't answer students' questions, classes taught by people with 650 GMAT scores, and classes where the teacher accosts students who aren't able to answer review problems. So, if you're considering enrolling on a GMAT course, we suggest the following:

  • The class will only be worthwhile if the teacher is excellent. Ask to sit in on a sample class, or to meet the teacher, and ask about his or her credentials. Any course you take will be expensive, so you have a right to be demanding
  • Find out about the class size. In a large class, you might not get many of your questions answered. More importantly, classes often must proceed at the pace of the slowest student; the larger the class, the less you'll learn
  • Be wary of marketing gimmicks that companies use to sell their classes. If, for example, a company offers some kind of 'score guarantee'-- that is, guarantees to improve your score by a certain amount-- be sure this guarantee applies to real GMAT test scores only. If a company has you take their own company test, and then promises that your real GMAT score will be higher, this promise might be worthless if the score you get on their company test is not accurate.


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