Personal Tutors


After gaining experience teaching the GMAT, tutors know why people succeed (and fail), so they are able to quickly assess students' weaknesses. Getting a good tutor is certainly the most effective way to prepare for the GMAT. The best GMAT tutors are experts in the test- a tutor can tell you precisely what to expect and can zero in on your areas of weakness, so you can make the most rapid improvement. A good tutor is better than a class:

  • A tutor can see how you work through GMAT problems, and suggest more efficient approaches
  • A tutor can assess your strengths and weaknesses, and can teach you to overcome your weaknesses, and recommend an optimal study plan
  • With a personal tutor, lessons can proceed at exactly your pace. You don't need to waste time on questions that are too easy for you, nor be overwhelmed by questions that are too difficult. Because of this, personal tutoring is normally much more time-efficient than a class
  • You can ask your tutor whatever questions you want, which may not be possible in a large class
  • An experienced tutor will have seen why other students have succeeded or failed to achieve their desired GMAT result, and will be able to give personalized advice about organizing your time, how much study is required, etc. More on this in a future blog entry
  • An experienced tutor should be able to give you a realistic idea of your likely GMAT result, so you focus your MBA applications appropriately




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