is a new UK-based website created to help students choose their MBA programs and achieve the GMAT scores required for admission. The site combines the skills and unique perspectives of experienced GMAT tutors with those of long established entrepreneurs and website producers.
Michael Birdsall trained at the US Naval Nuclear Power School and worked in a variety of fields from nuclear power to petroleum market modeling, before becoming a GMAT tutor. Over the past two years he has prepared 180 students from 56 countries for the GMAT.   Gregory Bud is an alumnus of London Business School and founded Martex Communicators plc, one of the web's earliest and most successful b2b portals back in 1994. Since then he has ridden the wave of many of the internet's developments.


Ami Shpiro is an independent businessman with a strong background in the development of complex software systems starting from inception up to IPO and beyond. He led European operations for two publicly traded software firms and co-founded and mentored diverse businesses, from information technology in international markets, to property development in the UK.   Ian Stewart holds a Masters in Mathematics (Number Theory) from McGill University in Montreal, and a PhD from City University, London, where he has been a Visiting Lecturer for the past four years. He previously led tutorials in calculus, abstract algebra and linear algebra at McGill, and authored a chapter in Problems in Algebraic Number Theory (Springer-Verlag Graduate Texts in Mathematics). Over the past six years, he has taught GMAT mathematics to over 300 students in London.


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